Meet production manager Chris Rice


Chris Rice and granddaughter

I started working for this organization in January of 1980, when I hired on at Noll Printing, a commercial printing subsidiary of OSV.  The plan was to work for a semester, save some money, and return to college to finish my engineering degree.

Thirty-nine years later, I’m still not sure exactly where that plan went by the wayside. Even though I did, eventually, finish college on nights and weekends, I never left OSV.  There was no single reason, but a mix of interesting and challenging work, opportunity for advancement, and the care and respect, of and for the people I worked with, all contributed. Probably most important, though, has been the feeling that I, and everyone I work with, aren’t just making “widgets”. We aren’t just creating stuff to sell to make some money. We are doing something we believe in, and we want to help develop in others that same Strength that Comes in Knowing.

Besides, Noll Printing was an excellent university!  I worked at just about every job there was to be had in printing, from the warehouse to sales and marketing.  Then, in the early 90’s, when the position of Production Manager opened up, I “graduated” to OSV’s Publishing Division.

Here, my primary responsibility is purchasing the printing of our books, periodicals and other items, but that hardly paints the full picture. Between OSV’s constantly changing variety of products and the rapid technological advancements in the industry, it still feels just as much a learning experience as the day I walked in the doors, 39 years ago.

So, how does all this apply to you, the author?  I work with Acquisitions, Editors and Designers to put your words into the most appropriate physical format for your audience. Depending on the content, style and genre of your work, we can utilize a variety of trim sizes, cover treatments, papers and binding styles that enhance your prose and lay it before the reader in the most easily comprehensible way.  And, lest we forget that “non-profit” is a tax status, not a business plan, we must do it in the most economical and efficient way we can, while still preserving our reputation for quality.

To do this, we utilize a number of third party vendors along with our increasing capabilities to produce books digitally on our in-plant printing equipment. This gives OSV some fairly unique capabilities, and contributes to our ability to produce quality content quickly.

So, please, keep sending that quality content . . . I need the work!

Anatomy of an Amazon book page. (Photo credit: soumit)

You made it to!

When your book is up on Amazon, it’s a wonderful thing! You feel like you’ve made the “big time” — and you have! It’s the biggest marketplace ever, and it’s tons of fun to think that someone could go online to buy a television, a pair of shoes, AND a great Catholic book, all in one sitting!

There’s lots to know about what goes into your Amazon product overview page, so let us pick it apart for you so you know what we do, what Amazon does, and what you can do to help sell more books!

  • We’ve got you “covered” — your book’s cover is submitted to Amazon by OSV prior to publication. At the same time, Continue reading