Website basics

(from the March 2018 newsletter)

It’s never been easier to create and maintain a website. So why don’t you?

Maybe because it seems a daunting task. Or too time-consuming. Or you’re not sure what to include. Or you don’t want to blog. Or you’re not sure exactly what a website would do for you. Or you’re just having a hard time getting started.

You’re not the only author to have these concerns. The truth is, while you should have a site, it can be as simple or as complex as you have time and talent for.

Your Author Toolkit team is here to help, so if you have specific questions, give one of us a call or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Here’s a good starting point from Jane Friedman: “The Basic Components of an Author Website.” It’s an overview and introduction to getting your website up and running. Be sure to read the section “Continue improving your site over time.”

On a budget with time constraints? Check out these free website builders. Wix seems to lead the pack!

Web site vs. social media

As always, excellent advice from blogger/writer/teacher/speaker/entrepreneur Jane Friedman on where a writer should invest their time — on a web site, or on social media:

I may be in the tiny minority of people who happen to think social media isn’t 100% critical for an author’s online presence. Yes, it makes things much more difficult if you refuse to use it, and I don’t like it when writers spurn it out of some kind of literary peacocking — Social media vs web sitebelieving that it’s “beneath” them to market themselves on social media.

But effective marketing and promotion (and platform building) does exist beyond and separate from social media. These days, I get more noticeable results from my website and blogging efforts, email newsletters, and in-person networking than I do from social media. Not that I want to give up social media—quite the contrary—but I could walk away from Facebook and still earn a living. Not so with my website—it’s absolutely fundamental.

Read the entire post here.

Amazon, B&N, OSV and your web site

LogosA note from OSV’s senior trade marketing leader, Jill Adamson, about the importance of linking on your web site or blog:

As part of Our Sunday Visitor’s overall selling strategy, it is important for you to link your website to three key sites to boost sales:

  1. Our Sunday Visitor’s website, at, is the quickest way for a buyer to get your book. With the purchase of our new press, we can print your book in-house so we have stock. But the best part for you as the author, your royalty is bigger when a customer purchases from Our Sunday Visitor. The link is
  2. We know that linking your website to Amazon to self-promote your book is a great way to boost sales. What you may not be aware of is that if you participate in Amazon’s affiliate program, a portion of the sale goes back to you. I have provides a link below that includes information on this program.
  3. I would also recommend linking your site to Barnes & Noble as well. Their link is Adding this link can help drive more in-store placement of your book. In addition, Barnes & Noble has their own affiliate program. For more information on their program, go to

If you have questions or comments for Jill, please email her at , or call 800.348.2440, ext. 2547.