Book trailers:New marketing tool

From Alyssa Sanchez:

Our Sunday Visitor has recently incorporated book trailers into our marketing efforts. These videos are used to extend our outreach across different forms of media and help to offer potential readers an insightful look into the book.

We often use these videos our social media platform (check out a sample on the Author Toolkit Facebook page), as internet advertisements, and in our email promotions to our growing consumer list. From quick snippets of the author or other vivid imagery shot by our marketing team, each video can help better reflect the themes of each of our books.

You can view all our book trailers on our YouTube channel.

Have ideas for a trailer for your book? Let us know!

Alyssa Sanchezis a multimedia marketing specialist for OSV.

May is Mary’s month

CelebratingMay is the month of Mary our Blessed Mother this special month, and thinking of all moms as we approach Mother’s Day this Sunday. We have some wonderful Marian titles by our special OSV authors:

  • The Miracle and the Message: 100 Years of Fatima, by John C. Priess
  • Every Day with Mary: Reflections by the Affiliates of Mayslake Ministries, by Dr. Mary Amore
  • Why the Rosary, Why Now? by Gretchen Crowe
  • Mary — Virgin, Mother, and Queen: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics, by Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ
  • Totus Tuus: A Consecration to Jesus through Mary with Saint John Paul II, by Fr. Brian McMaster
  • Those Who Saw Her: Apparitions of Mary, Updated and Revised, by Catherine M. Odell
  • Mary, Save Us, by Adele Dirsyte
  • And many more!

Find these books and more here.

10 Facebook post ideas

FacebookThis is from our April enewsletter (not getting it? Let Cathy know). Here are 10 ideas for Facebook posts (a lot of these would work for Instagram, too).

No need to stress over having “nothing to post” on Facebook! Here are 10 suggestions you can customize to your interests and activities.

  1. Short quotes from your book(s). Use Canva to make easy and beautiful graphics. Include a link to or
  2. Share a favorite Scripture passage and mention why it means so much to you. Ask your fans to share theirs, too.
  3. Share a short prayer, or mention a prayer request, or invite your fans to share prayer intentions.
  4. Share a saint from a favorite site. Or link to an article you’ve read, or a book you’re reading, or a favorite blog post, or a funny meme.
  5. Mention books you’re reading — from Catholic authors, or even your favorite fiction or nonfiction. Ask your fans for new reading suggestions.
  6. Post a “view from your desk today” picture — out your window, or just of your messy work area. This is extra fun if you’re traveling. Ask your fans where they’re working today.
  7. Try a weekly “heard at Mass” post — something from the liturgy or homily that touched you or has you thinking. Ask your fans to share their “heard at Mass” experiences.
  8. Are you traveling for work or pleasure? It’s a great time to share pictures of a church you’ve visited, a coffee shop you’re working in, or a shrine where you’ve spent time.
  9. Are you giving a talk, presenting at a conference, having a book signing, giving a webcast? Be sure to let your fans know!

All the Facebook things: Have you seen a good movie, met an interesting person, had a writing disaster or success, done something stupid, discovered something brilliant, had a prayer answered, experienced the presence of God? Share it! Ask your fans to share their stories, too.

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for August: Artists

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for August is for artists: That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19: 1). As creation reveals God’s beauty, so humans, made in God’s image and likeness, create works that give glory to God. The great Russian novelist Dostoevsky wrote that “beauty will save the world.” How? At the end of the Second Vatican Council the bishops told artists: “This world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair. It is beauty, like truth, which brings joy to the human heart and is that precious fruit which resists the wear and tear of time, which unites generations and makes them share things in admiration.” Beauty lifts the heart and brings people together. Pope Francis spoke of “the important and necessary task of artists: to create works of art that bear through the language of beauty a sign, a spark of hope and trust where people seem to give in to indifference and ugliness.” He went on to say: “Architects and painters, sculptors and musicians, filmmakers and writers, photographers and poets, artists of every discipline, are called to make beauty shine, especially where darkness and greyness dominate everyday life; they are custodians of beauty, heralds and witnesses of hope for humanity, as my predecessors have repeated many times. I invite them, therefore, to care for beauty, and beauty will heal the many wounds that mark the heart and soul of the men and women of our times.” However, artists can be tempted to create what is fashionable or shocking in order to make money or a name for themselves. They can create works that degrade humanity and foster conflict. We pray that artists use their gifts to heal and to give glory to God.

Find Pope Francis’ entire reflection on the Apostleship of Prayer website.