Meet Scott Richert

Scott RichertDuring my four years at Michigan State University, I spent many hours roaming the aisles of the numerous (at that time) bookstores in East Lansing, building up a significant portion of the library that I’ve since moved to Washington, D.C.; Northern Virginia; Mecosta, Michigan; Rockford, Illinois; and finally (yes, finally, in every sense of the word) to Huntington, Indiana, the home of Our Sunday Visitor.

In my senior year at Michigan State, in a little Christian bookstore called Logos Books, I picked up a slim volume entitled In the Beginning: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Published by Our Sunday Visitor in 1990, that volume represents everything I think of as the best work of Our Sunday Visitor’s trade books division—profound yet accessible to the average Catholic (or educated non-Catholic).

In our move to Huntington in 2017, that book came home, in a sense, and brought us with it. Originally from Spring Lake, Michigan, I’ve lived all of my life here in the Midwest, with the exception of five years in exile at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. My degrees are in political theory, but I went to CUA for graduate school to study the political and social thought of the Church Fathers, East and West. My wife, Amy, our eight children, and I spent 22 years in Rockford, Illinois, where I was the executive editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (motto: There are no political solutions to cultural problems) and head of Chronicles Books. During my last ten years there, I was also the Catholicism Expert for

My library has grown dramatically since I left East Lansing, and there are quite a few volumes from Our Sunday Visitor on my shelves. That’s a legacy that I’m proud to be a part of today, as I oversee the editorial direction of OSV’s books. As an OSV author, you should be proud of it, too.

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