Meet Tracy Stewart

Tracy Stewart photo.png

Tracy Stewart

Tracy is the webcast coordinator for Our Sunday Visitor, and works with authors and other speakers to spread the word about their work. She loves listening to authors talk about their books, so she considers webcasts a job perk, but please don’t tell her boss.

When she isn’t being a webinerd, Tracy likes to read, with one work of fiction, one non-fiction, and one Shakespeare piece always on her nightstand simultaneously. She suffers from chronic wanderlust and fortunately, so do her husband and son. She likes history, antiques, cooking and has a passion for all things Abraham Lincoln, especially anything related to his assassination. Her family has come to accept inevitable side trips to Lincoln-related sites whenever they travel.

Tracy’s fav things

Animal: Prairie dogs

Food: Potato chips (#dontjudgeme)

Color: Cranberry

Shakespeare play: Hamlet. No. It’s Titus Andronicus. Wait … definitely Romeo and Juliet. Unless it’s Richard III. Or maybe Othello.

Alcohol: Miller Lite or really, really expensive wine. (Usually Miller Lite.)

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