Meet Jill Adamson



Jill Adamson

Senior Trade Marketing Leader Jill Adamson has been with OSV for 29 years. Jill’s areas of responsibility include creating campaigns for trade books which includes direct mail, digital marketing, and advertising. She serves as the marketing liaison with authors supporting their efforts and supplying them with tools they need to promote their book. In addition, Jill is the public relations contact at Our Sunday Visitor helping set up interviews with authors and the media.


She is known as the walking encyclopedia of information on all things OSV — and for her famous frosted sugar cookies!

Over the course of her career, she has served as president on two national boards, the Association of Catholic Publishers as well as the National Catholic Education Exhibitors Association. When she’s not working, Jill is very active at her parish in Fort Wayne, Indiana. During the summer months, Jill can be found working in her flower gardens and yard.

Jill’s fav things

Saint: St. Francis of Assisi

Hymn: “Blest Are They”

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