Meet book editor George Foster

(This is an expanded version of the book team member spotlight found in our September newsletter.)

Book editor George Foster

Book editor George Foster

George was born and raised in Our Sunday Visitor’s hometown: Huntington, Indiana. Both sides of his family were rooted in hearty (and “stubborn”) German Catholic stock — with a “pinch” of Irish thrown into the mix.

George attended the Indiana University regional campus in Fort Wayne, receiving a bachelor’s degree, with a double major in political science and sociology (which, he says, have come in handy when analyzing Church “politics” and culture). During his college years, he met his wife-to-be, Mary Jo (Jody), and they were married in 1977, at SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Huntington — this being the fourth Foster generation to be married on the site; his great-grandfather’s wedding took place in the original (log) church in the 1850s.

George and Jody are blessed with two children, Courtney and Eric, each of whom now have wonderful families of their own. (Side note: These “kids” have the same birth date, August 3, two years apart, which, George reports, made for some “very entertaining” birthday parties, especially in the early years.)

George came to Our Sunday Visitor in 1979, starting out in the printing and production departments, and he eventually joined the editorial-periodicals team in 1986. He transitioned to book editorial in 2000 and has continued as a book editor ever since.

In addition to God, family, and editing, two of George’s other passions include membership in the Secular Franciscan Order and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

(From time to time, he participates in Civil War reenactments as a Federal hospital steward, which is a nice, peaceful role for a Franciscan — or so he thought. Several years ago, while he and a fellow hospital steward were “pinned down” under withering Confederate “gunfire,” his comrade pulled out a pistol and began firing back. George, mortified, cried out, “What are you doing? You’re going to make us targets!” Ever since, this “red-blooded” Franciscan has referred to himself as the “Hawkeye Pierce of the Civil War.”)

Like many of his editorial colleagues, George has an ever-growing library — not only books (of course!) but also assorted DVDs and music CDs.

  • Favorite films: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Razor’s Edge (1946 version), Glory, My Favorite Year
  • Favorite novels: Lost Horizon, The Name of the Rose
  • Favorite music DVD: The Pyongyang Concert: New York Philharmonic and Lorin Maazel (2008)

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