Toolkit team spotlight: Book editor Darrin Malone

Darrin Malone

Book editor Darrin Malone

Darrin grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in religious studies, specializing in patterns of American religion. After that, he spent 12 years as an active-duty Air Force officer before settling in Indiana to became a book editor. It may sound like an odd transition, but if you see the massive book collection he acquired while moving from base to base in the military, it might make more sense. After becoming an editor, he continued serving in the Air Force Reserve for another 12 years.

Outside of work, he lives vicariously through his two children by attending athletic events (he was never an athlete himself) and band competitions (he was a self-professed band geek in high school and college). With his youngest now entering her senior year of high school, Darrin currently serves as the president of the band boosters parent organization at her school.

Darrin and his wife also enjoy playing team trivia with a group of friends at local venues. He rounds out their team with his knowledge of religious and military issues. Occasionally the two subjects converge, such as when they got the following question: Evangeline Booth was the first female general of what army? (Answer: The Salvation Army)

A few of Darrin’s favorite things:

  • Sweet tea
  • The space program
  • Comparative religion.

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