10 Facebook post ideas

FacebookThis is from our April enewsletter (not getting it? Let Cathy know). Here are 10 ideas for Facebook posts (a lot of these would work for Instagram, too).

No need to stress over having “nothing to post” on Facebook! Here are 10 suggestions you can customize to your interests and activities.

  1. Short quotes from your book(s). Use Canva to make easy and beautiful graphics. Include a link to osvcatholicbookstore.com or amazon.com.
  2. Share a favorite Scripture passage and mention why it means so much to you. Ask your fans to share theirs, too.
  3. Share a short prayer, or mention a prayer request, or invite your fans to share prayer intentions.
  4. Share a saint from a favorite site. Or link to an article you’ve read, or a book you’re reading, or a favorite blog post, or a funny meme.
  5. Mention books you’re reading — from Catholic authors, or even your favorite fiction or nonfiction. Ask your fans for new reading suggestions.
  6. Post a “view from your desk today” picture — out your window, or just of your messy work area. This is extra fun if you’re traveling. Ask your fans where they’re working today.
  7. Try a weekly “heard at Mass” post — something from the liturgy or homily that touched you or has you thinking. Ask your fans to share their “heard at Mass” experiences.
  8. Are you traveling for work or pleasure? It’s a great time to share pictures of a church you’ve visited, a coffee shop you’re working in, or a shrine where you’ve spent time.
  9. Are you giving a talk, presenting at a conference, having a book signing, giving a webcast? Be sure to let your fans know!

All the Facebook things: Have you seen a good movie, met an interesting person, had a writing disaster or success, done something stupid, discovered something brilliant, had a prayer answered, experienced the presence of God? Share it! Ask your fans to share their stories, too.

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