But what do I tweet?

TwitterMaybe you’re already on Twitter — you’re active and tweet every day, you follow fellow authors and your readers, you enjoy following news and interacting with the Twitterverse.

Or maybe you don’t get it at all and wish Twitter would just fly away.

We’ll leave the arguments for and against alone for now, but if you’re new to the platform, or if your book is about to launch and you’re wondering how to boost interest (and sales!), here are some suggestions:

  1. Pictures of your cover — of you! — and of your friends and family reading/posing with your book
  2. Launch date info with links to order from OSV, Amazon, BN.
  3. Let people know when the ebook version (with links) is available.
  4. Book signings with location, dates and times. Take pictures and tweet those!
  5. Talks or speeches — have someone take pictures and tweet!
  6. Webcast dates, with reminders that your webcast is available afterwards
  7. Links and news about your book topic
  8. Follow similar authors/writers/experts and retweet interesting news, with your comments
  9. Share interesting facts/Scripture/quotes about your book topic
  10. Watch your ‘mentions’ and be sure to interact with your followers!

Here are some helpful links if you’d like to up your Twitter game:



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