New Facebook page for ‘Angels’

Angels of the Lord Facebook pageWe recently worked with OSV authors Catherine Odell and Margaret Savitskas on creating a Facebook fan page for their book, “Angels of the Lord: 365 Reflections on Our Heavenly Guardians.” This beautiful book was published in 2016 and features a year’s worth of stories and reflections on angels and their role in our world.

Your Author Toolkit team is happy to work with authors in getting your social media platform (aka author platform) set up. In this case, we had a conference call with Cathy and Margaret to focus on what they wanted to accomplish on the page. Our design department was able to craft a page header and profile picture using book cover graphics, so the online page and the printed product sync nicely.

Since neither was super familiar with Facebook, we set the page up for them, then had an hour-long training session with Cathy to go over the basics of managing and posting to the page. She’s already begun with two new postings this week. We’ve also shared the page a couple of our OSV Facebook pages and will continue to do so as more posts are available.

Visit the Angels of the Lord Facebook fan page here, and give it a ‘LIKE’!

You can find our more about the book here (and order).

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