Amazon, B&N, OSV and your web site

LogosA note from OSV’s senior trade marketing leader, Jill Adamson, about the importance of linking on your web site or blog:

As part of Our Sunday Visitor’s overall selling strategy, it is important for you to link your website to three key sites to boost sales:

  1. Our Sunday Visitor’s website, at, is the quickest way for a buyer to get your book. With the purchase of our new press, we can print your book in-house so we have stock. But the best part for you as the author, your royalty is bigger when a customer purchases from Our Sunday Visitor. The link is
  2. We know that linking your website to Amazon to self-promote your book is a great way to boost sales. What you may not be aware of is that if you participate in Amazon’s affiliate program, a portion of the sale goes back to you. I have provides a link below that includes information on this program.
  3. I would also recommend linking your site to Barnes & Noble as well. Their link is Adding this link can help drive more in-store placement of your book. In addition, Barnes & Noble has their own affiliate program. For more information on their program, go to

If you have questions or comments for Jill, please email her at , or call 800.348.2440, ext. 2547.

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