Do I HAVE to use social media?

FacebookMany authors and writers have an active social media presence, and it can be an important part of your author platform. But if you haven’t ventured into the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram waters already … must you? Do people really care what you eat for breakfast? How can that help sell your book?

Publishing consultant Jane Friedman has an excellent post on just this topic. She talks about the need for authors to engage in social media, the channels that authors should/could use, and what to post about (not necessarily your breakfast).

You can read her post here.

twitterYou probably also know that OSV has an active social media presence. General posts can be found by following @OSV on Twitter, on Facebook by being a fan of Our Sunday Visitor and on Instagram by following @OSV. Book authors should also follow:

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P.S. Need more help about what to post about? Polly King ( would be happy to give you some ideas — or Jaymie Wolfe ( or Mary Beth Baker (

Breakfast poutine

Breakfast poutine, Quebec, Canada

Try tweeting or Facebook posting about your writing process — tips or tricks you use to motivate yourself, and favorite saints and prayers that help you. Favorite Bible verses and quotes that have meaning for you are also good possibilities. Don’t forget to update your followers and fans on your blog posts, or articles you write for other publications — both new ones and appropriate archived ones.


Readers appreciate little looks into your life, but you don’t have to give up your privacy. Post as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. If you visit a new church, chapel, or other religious location, pictures and short descriptions are wonderful. If you’re on vacation, you might even find yourself posting about a special … breakfast.

Speaking of pictures, if you love taking photos with your phone (or a real camera!), don’t be afraid to try Instagram. There are lots of Catholic accounts to follow. Visit the @OSV account and click ‘Following’ to find some good ones.

Tip: Use the co-posting function on Instagram to make it quick and easy to post to other social media channels. Instructions here.)

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