What is an ‘author platform’?


The best definition of an author platform I’ve seen comes from Writer’s Digest:

“Platform, simply put, is your visibility as an author.

“The definition of platform, broken down, is your personal ability to sell books through:

  1. Who you are
  2. The personal and professional connections you have
  3. Any media outlets (including blogs and social networks) that you can utilize to sell books.”

(You can read more about the building blocks of a platform on Writer’s Digest here.)

Alan Rinzler on Forbes.com describes it well:

It’s still about visibility, but today’s approach has changed. The New Author Platform requires a focus on developing an unobstructed back and forth between authors and their readers, with the authors — not the publishers — controlling the flow. Now it’s the author, not a publicist, who inspires readers to buy the book. The New Author Platform allows not only well-established authors, but unknown, first-time beginners to do an end run around the conservative gate-keepers and reach readers directly.

Who are good examples of Catholic writers winning the author platorm game? Check out Brandon Vogt and Hallie Lord — two authors who have published with OSV.

You’ll find that their platforms include a variety of social media and digital products — web sites, of course, and blogs; social media, especially Facebook author pages, Twitter and Instagram; videos; and radio appearances and shows, speaking engagements; teaching (classes or conference sessions) and webinars; and enewsletters.

No author has to do all the things — but to connect with your readers, it helps to do some of the things. Only you can settle on the mix you’re comfortable with updating on a regular basis.

More recommended reading about author platforms:

Have questions about your author platform, or ideas to share? Let us know. Email me at cdee@osv.com.


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