What exactly is your platform?


May I have your attention?

It’s a question often raised in book publishing — how do I get my book noticed when it’s in a sea of other books competing for readers’ attention? To make it even more of a puzzle, how do you get your CATHOLIC book noticed when it’s in a GALAXY of other books competing for their attention? Sounds impossible, but it’s not, with a little advice from Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. If you don’t own this book already, click the cover image and buy it today. This boils down hundreds of books, articles, blog posts, and water-cooler conversations into a simple, easy-to-execute method of building a platform and growing it.

But what’s a platform, anyway?

“Today’s platform is built of people. Contacts. Connections. Followers,” states Hyatt, who literally built his platform from a grand total of ZERO followers to one of the largest in the world. How did he do it? His book provides short chapters that capture the step-by-step method that worked for him — including:

  • Start with WOW — differentiating your product
  • Prepare to Launch — the elevator speech, endorsements, PR and more
  • Build Your Home Base — hot tips for building your online platform
  • Expand Your Reach — getting more traffic, followers, and fans, and losing less
  • Engage Your Tribe — the right ways to engage in the conversation

You, up on the stage.

In our experience it is the combination of Our Sunday Visitor marketing efforts — including traditional and non-traditional media, trade, consumer, and parish sales efforts, and public relations — with the efforts of the author in the context of their own platform, that achieves the most success (read: more sales).

Are you working on your platform? What tricks and tips can you share?

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