Useful tools for Catholic writers

toolkittools2Whether you’re writing your first book, your fifth, or your fiftieth, you have questions. Maybe it’s about writer’s block. Or how to submit your manuscript. Or what it’s like to work with Our Sunday Visitor as your publisher.

Maybe you’re wondering if you should start a book Facebook page. Or how often you should tweet. Or IF you should tweet. And just what is an author platform?

Maybe you’re wondering how to make a book trailer. Or you’ve been asked to do a webinar — and wonder how. And what if you’re asked to do a radio interview?

Should you capitalize references to the deity? Can you quote from the Catechism — or the Bible? For that matter — what about a copyright!? How do you get one?

No worries, author friends. The OSV Book Author Team is here to help. We’ll be addressing all these issues on the blog, and more. You’ll find links to interesting and informative websites and blog posts, free resources, and writer support.

Have a question? Ask us! Use our online form or email us at Or send us a suggestion for a blog post. Looking for writer’s guidelines and how to submit a manuscript? Just click here.

St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers, pray for us!

Your OSV Team